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"An Aviation Job for Every Graduate" Learn more about pilot training, CALL 613-737-2933 or Email info@ottawaaviationservices.com

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Are you interested in a career in commercial aviation?

At OAS, our vision is an “An Aviation Job for Every Graduate”.

OAS can provide you a pathway to an exciting and rewarding airline career.

For more information, including how to apply, intake dates and pricing, please complete the contact form below and an OAS representative will be in touch shortly:

"An Aviation Job for Every Graduate"


3 ways that only this program moves you along your career path:

  • You earn an interview with one of our domestic airline partners: Meet our training benchmarks and graduate successfully and you have earned an interview with a domestic airline.
  • You graduate with a “Virtual Type Rating”: The “Virtual Type Rating” course is a full type rating program conducted on OAS’s Mechtronix Ascent® Turboprop Trainer™ to train to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) used in the airline industry. This makes OAS graduates more attractive to prospective employers by reducing employer training and transition costs.
  • You graduate with “Frozen” ATPL exams: Normally commercial pilots must log 750 hours of time before being allowed to write the Airline Transport Pilot exams. Only this iATPL course gives you the privilege of writing the exams before you graduate. You demonstrate this superior level of knowledge to aviation employers.

  • Our Transport Canada approved iATPL program, trains pilots in the skills and proficiency necessary to allow them to operate as co-pilot on multi-crew, multi-engine airplanes in commercial air transportation.

    Students graduate with:

  • Private Pilot Licence;
  • Night Rating;
  • Commercial Pilot Licence;
  • Multi-Engine Class Rating;
  • Group 1 Instrument Rating;
  • Virtual King Air Type Rating; and
  • “Frozen” ATPL exams – Completion of the Airline Transport Pilot Licence examinations

  • Training you to the mindset of airline First Officers and Captains

    The program helps trainees prepare for all stages of their careers, from exemplary First Officers to excellent Captains. Candidates learn to internalize routine procedures, giving them the ability to devote attention to operating effectively and safely in adverse conditions, and under the stress induced by demanding workloads. The curriculum emphasizes the qualities, skills and knowledge that the aviation industry has indicated it requires, including:

  • Safety management and risk assessment techniques;
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) and multi crew techniques;
  • Use of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs);
  • Decision-making techniques; and
  • Leadership and Communication skills.

  • Program Pre-Requisites and Requirements

    OAS Canadian iATPL Program Pre-Requisites

    • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age
    • Category 1 medical certificate
    • High school graduation
    • Minimum of ICAO Proficiency Level 4 English

    OAS Canadian iATPL Program Pre-Requisites

    • Minimum 250 flying hours
    • 760 hours ground school

    Program Length

    The Integrated ATPL program is a full time 18-month program, with 250 hours of flight training (aircraft and simulator) and over 760 hours of ground school. It is fully approved by Transport Canada. All program requirements will be scheduled into the first 16 months. The remaining 2 months leave room for meeting completion requirements that may have been delayed by extenuating personal circumstances of trainees, or weather or other conditions out of the control of OAS.

    Work Experience

    On graduation from our iATPL program, you can go on and complete our Enriched Flight Instructor Rating course.
    Learn more about our Enriched Flight Instructor Rating Course. By becoming a flight instructor, pilots can earn additional Pilot in Command time and gain valuable aviation experience.


    OAS’s training programs for domestic student groups (10 or more students) are offered at OAS’s Cornwall Campus*. Located at the NAV CENTRE Training and Conference Centre, this facility offers spacious meeting rooms equipped with the latest technologies, comfortable student accommodations, accomplished chefs and exceptional recreational facilities.

    The NAV CENTRE offers:

    • 50,000 square feet of meeting space;
    • 70 state-of-the-art, intelligent meeting rooms;
    • Wireless connectivity;
    • A full range of modern AV equipment;
    • 560 guest rooms;
    • Dining room, banquet halls, pub and tuck shop;
    • A refurbished 19th century stone farmhouse for smaller functions;
    • 25m indoor lap pool, large fitness centre, gyms and saunas; and
    • Soccer fields, baseball diamonds, tennis and volleyball courts.

    The facility combines the technical sophistication of a modern learning centre with the comfort and amenities of a resort hotel. Situated on 70 acres of parkland adjacent to the St. Lawrence Seaway and 40 kilometers of recreational trails. For more information on the NAV CENTRE, visit www.navcentre.ca. Practical flight training for students at the Cornwall Campus* is conducted at the Cornwall Regional Airport.

    Individual student training programs continue to be offered at OAS’s location at the Ottawa International Airport.

    * Pending Private Career College approval.